Something for everyone.

Find out what Blueday can do for each role in your organization.

Replace the excuses with action plans.

Corporate functional areas have visibility into what goes on inside every store, every day, and are able to understand the impact their actions and initiatives have on store performance.

Blueday provides “one version of the truth” for evaluating store and staff performance. The system automatically exposes top and bottom performing regions, districts, stores and associates, and identifies why they are performing above or below standards.

Enterprise Alignment

Keep everyone on the same page.

Blueday isn’t just a tool for the store teams. It enables all functional areas of the business to work towards the same ultimate goal: driving substantial revenue growth through a superior customer experience.

Just a few examples of what each segment will gain:

Marketing – insights into how well stores are converting customer traffic, and where additional marketing investments should be made.

Finance – visibility into which stores are under or over invested in labor, and which store goals are set too high or too low.

HR –  objective data to support staffing decisions, and individualized productivity reporting to accurately incent and reward performance.

Field Leadership

Communicate seamlessly with the field.

Field Leaders can conduct a ‘Virtual Store Visit’ when they can’t visit the store, review weekly performance with their teams, and communicate goals and action plans quickly and easily.

Blueday identifies the behaviors and actions that drive exceptional store performance, so that field managers can replicate them for success in every store under their umbrella.

Store Management

Turn managers into owner/operators.

It’s critical that store teams be accountable for optimal sales performance every day, and gain an intimate understanding of their individual and team contribution to deliver on the overall growth strategy. When managers take real pride of ownership in their own success, the whole company wins.

With Blueday, Store Managers finally have the actionable information they need to step up and distinguish themselves from the competition. They learn to proactively plan for and capture incremental sales every day, and have an automated tool to manage, measure, coach and train their sales associates for success.

Store Associates

Develop career salespeople.

It’s easier to hire people to handle merchandise. But in order to really stand out in an increasingly congested marketplace, retailers need to create a culture of motivated talent that is personally invested in delivering exactly what each customer wants and more.

Blueday gives every store associate clear roles, goals and expectations for performance, accurate rewards and incentives, and tools and coaching for continuous improvement. With emotional engagement, empowerment and true ownership on the front lines, unwanted associate turnover becomes a thing of the past.

Retail Customers

Cultivate lasting customer loyalty.

Every customer who walks into a retail store has unique needs for the experience that will delight them. It’s up to the store team – associates and managers – to identify and meet these needs on an individualized basis.

While typical customer interactions get the job done in the short term, emotional connections and a true understanding of individual needs is what keeps customers coming back for more, and spreading the word!

Make every day a Blueday.

Find out the size of your customer opportunity.