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Who We Are

We are experts at identifying missed opportunities, unlocking upside potential and increasing conversion and basket size in stores. We have the methodology and learning to make incremental improvements possible, and the only integrated tool to deliver to every role in your organization.

Working in retail for over 25 years, we created a unique, proven, and patented sales-generating solution, which is delivered through our scalable, integrated platform to operationalize the consistent delivery of world class customer experiences.

Our clients named it Blueday.

What We Know

Traffic is predictable and you can prepare for it with confidence.

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Labor productivity is the single most important driver to increase the number and size of transactions from your existing foot traffic.

On average, 70% of visitors leave stores without buying.

There is huge untapped potential to capture and convert missed opportunities to revenue.

Assisted transactions typically increase basket size by 50% or more.

The key to capturing growth lies in delivering incremental improvement
to the customer experience at the store and associate level.

Executing these improvements with consistency…every day,
across the whole fleet, can lead to exceptional growth.

customer opportunity

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The cornerstone of TYG’s performance methodology.

Every retailer has unique expectations for what their customer experience should look like, sound like, and feel like. It’s up to the store team to deliver those standards on a consistent and individualized basis to every customer who enters the store.

At Yacobian, we believe store team actions should always be focused on increasing the quality and frequency of customer interactions, which lead to transactions.

Quantify the quality of the customer experience.

Yacobian has developed its own proprietary integrated metrics framework to effectively measure how well store teams are delivering against the brand’s expectations and standards.

We believe that every store team and individual with a sales goal should see and understand their direct impact on the performance targets they are accountable for achieving. Simple, readily available views that can immediately influence next-shift performance are what we’re all about.

Operating best practices, individualized for each team member.

Every role in the enterprise – from corporate to field to customer-facing associate – should understand how their individual contribution affects the overall success of the brand

Individual accountability for team success is the only way to deliver a consistent customer experience across a divided network of stores and associates, all while motivating employees to take charge of their own achievements.

Continuous improvement through strategic behavior change.

Yacobian’s ICAN Coaching and Interaction Behaviors training — combined with the retailer’s product and brand videos — will arm field management and sales associates with learning programs and tools to develop their skills and have confidence in their decisions.

On a larger scale, field managers can effortlessly monitor store performance and associate productivity and intervene only as needed.  Over time, this develops the expertise of the front line managers and aligns store actions with corporate goals and priorities.

Employee satisfaction drives long-term engagement.

Our philosophy is that every customer-facing team member should have goals that are reflective of both his/her own historical performance and the store’s targets for the day.

That way, leadership can have fair and precise insights – both quantitative and qualitative — into the productivity and behavioral performance of every associate and manager in the field, along with objective data to support staffing decisions and accurately reward performance as they see fit.

Make every day a Blueday.

Find out the size of your customer opportunity.