A new strategic growth platform for brick & mortar retailers.
Unlock your customer opportunity.
Build Buying Environments in your stores.
Create your culture of ownership.
Use your front line to elevate the bottom line.
Delight every single customer.

Every day, millions of customers walk into retail stores…

…and every day, the majority of them walk out without making a purchase.

Across the industry, this represents BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in missed sales every single day.

Only A Small Fraction Buy

  • Lg. Transactions
  • Small Baskets
  • Millions of
    Empty Baskets
Human Interaction

Action > Interaction > Transaction™

The customer experience matters. Labor productivity is the single most important driver of the value and frequency of transactions from existing foot traffic. We believe that a relentless dedication to delivering quality experiences is the hallmark of winning retailers.


 Small incremental gains at the store and associate level, compounded across every store and every hour of every day, generate enormous returns for the brand and its stakeholders. The challenge is in delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience across the entire retail enterprise.

Our clients have a Blueday when their stores blow away their daily goal.

Millions of Bluedays
and Counting…

Find out how big your
customer opportunity is.

“This is my number one Blue Chip”


“It’s a game changer”

– Store Manager

“Now we know HOW to grow”

– District Manager

“The missing link”

– VP Labor & Operations

“A tool to unleash the power of our people”

– SVP Stores


We are experts at identifying missed opportunities, unlocking upside potential and increasing conversion and basket size in stores. We have the methodology and learning to make incremental improvements a reality, and the only integrated tool to deliver to every role in your organization.

Having worked exclusively in retail for over 25 years, we offer a unique, proven, and patented sales methodology, which we deliver through our scalable, integrated solution to operationalize the delivery of world class customer experiences.

Our clients named it Blueday.

Blueday BD Logo - white

Blueday is Yacobian’s strategic growth platform that enables retailers to identify, measure, and most importantly capture the missed customer opportunity in their stores. It is the first retail platform to link corporate growth strategies with individualized, measurable actions to improve staff performance and customer experience.


Identify the customer opportunity available in each store, and use it to plan the business in a proactive, customer-centric way.


Deliver the optimal staffing plan to meet the available customer opportunity, and use prescriptive insights and action plans to consistently deliver larger and more frequent transactions.


Measure how well teams are delivering the brand experience, and know the reasons why and how to improve.


With Blueday, every role in the organization — from floor-level associate to CEO — plays an active part in growing retail revenue.
Now you can expect it, manage to it, and reward against it confidently and accurately.

Make every day a Blueday.

Find out the size of your customer opportunity.