Transforming the people side of retail.


The Yacobian Group helps retailers to dramatically improve store performance and grow sales in every store, every day in an automated and scalable way. Working exclusively in retail for 25+ years, we offer a unique, proven, patented sales methodology delivered through a tool called Blueday to operationalize consistent customer experience delivery.

Blueday integrates and analyzes multiple disparate sources of a retailer’s data, shines the light on patterns, problem areas and missed opportunities in a very granular way – by store, by associate, by hour – and couples these insights with prescriptive actions in the form of planning, tools, coaching and training to improve associate and store performance.


  • Toni Yacobian
    Toni YacobianCo-CEO and Founder, Client Lead

    Toni has spent the past 20 years working with many of the retail industry’s premier companies to help them drive incremental revenue and measurable profit improvement. Toni’s primary role is to work with the retailer’s senior management team to identify strategic business opportunities, design the appropriate partnership relationships, and ensure delivery of the desired results. She has extensive experience translating strategic objectives into tangible operating activities to ensure effective execution. Toni also partners with functional leaders to help align existing business processes to the desired in-store customer experience.

    As co-founder of The Yacobian Group, Toni has worked with organizations including Destination XL, Advance Auto Parts and Staples to help them execute their business strategy consistently across all levels of their organization. She has a BA in Economics from Boston College.

  • Dave Nurme
    Dave NurmeCo-CEO and Founder, Product Lead

    Dave and Toni have been partners for almost 20 years. Their approach began with a simple concept – people should drive more sales in a retail store. Dave’s challenge – figure out how to make this approach fact-based, actionable, repeatable, and profitable within a large corporation. His early work focused on developing new and better ways to measure, plan, and manage store and staff performance on the retail floor. Next, he led Yacobian’s efforts to integrate this new approach into the way retailers already operate their store channel so that Blueday becomes ‘what they do’, not ‘something else to do’. Now, he’s leading Yacobian’s on-going work to further expand Blueday functions and capabilities.

    Using Blueday, Dave knows that every large retailer has tremendous untapped opportunity to increase sales and profits while simultaneously simplifying daily store operations. He’s looking forward to working with you and your company to ‘make it happen’ in your stores.